domenica 11 giugno 2017

Bird Song - dall'ukelele all'arpa

Tessa Violet interpreta questa simpatica canzone con l'ukelele e Tiffany Schaefer la canta accompagnandosi all'arpa. 

Bird Song

I've been pacing around my room
thinking about how I like the color blue
it reminds me of you
I saw a bug on the window pain
I saw a drop followed by the rain
it reminds me of you

RIT: and you got me thinking about
all of your freckles and the corners of your mouth
do you think that I'm weird?
I like your kisses and I wish that you were here all the time
I got you on my mind all I do
reminds me of you

I met a bird and he sang a song
he took the melody while I sang along
but I could have been wrong

he told a story about a girl
I'm pretty sure that I understood the words
but I don't speak much

Tiffany Schaefer, arpista celtica ha un bellissimo canale you tube dove insegna alcuni brani con la tecnica ad imitazione.

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